Planning and furnishing of apartments, villas and shopping areas paying ttention to detail and personalized request.

The studio carries out plans for the rebuilding and restoration of apartments and

historical buildings, following the wish of the client in all the stage of planning, with reference to detail and structural planning from the beginning till the direction of works.


The great activity of the studio is certainly the rebuilding of private apartments, but it is also carrying out important rebuilding of private historical buildings, tenders for public works, new buildings planning, rebuilding, renovation and

enlargement of villas and country homes, furnishing and start up of office and commercial spaces of various types and areas and condominium works. 


There are no set guide-lines for the works but the site

itself, the client and the

general atmosphere which these evoke, make each job unique, specific. 

Experimentation goes together with the practicality and with the function and fruition of the spaces, the atmosphere it is in the architectural declination of the personality of the client, our contribution is to know how to individualize it and to make it emerge.

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