Design and construction of offices and commercial spaces.
Realization of corporate headquarters from the project prior to start-up working through the feasibility study 'economic and technical function of the location, its construction and commissioning.



They are part of the design process all the areas that relate to communication and generically referred to as corporate identity  

which makes everything consistent corporate image and message you want to communicate (type and color of the furniture, signs, bords, brochures, computer media & web design, letterheads, envelopes, products, gadgets, uniforms, etc.. ).

The studio has carried out important works for private companies both in the

field offices in the wholesale and retail trade sector in several cases with visible 'in exhibitions, fairs and major events (SMAU).






The main aim in office and commercial building is to find the right conjugation between functional space and working comfort by using building materials and furnishings that give the rooms a modern concept and impact and a harmonious, pleasant living.  





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