Design, renovation and restoration of historic buildings and apartments, shopsfitting, offices and stand fairs and events.



Architecture and interior and exterior.

Green design, lighting and scenic pools with expert consulting agronomist.


Business Marketing.

Study of Corporate Marketing and Product .(Signs, brochures, media,


letterhead, envelopes, product, gadgets and uniforms).

Design and construction.


Electrical, alarm, thermal and hydraulic for domestic use as for industrial or complex (Home Automation, Home Theatre and videoconferencing), solar and photovoltaic systems.


Design and Fire.

Active and passive protection systems, enabled 818/84

Administrative assistance and land practices.


Requests for permits and licenses, SCIA, DIA, building permit, OSP, driveways, ASL practices, etc..


Work direction.


Planning and coordination of security plans , Enabled 494/96, POS, guidance and organization of construction sites, scaffolding planning, quantity surveying and drafting calculations, specifications and contracts, audit firms, accounting for SAL construction, testing and completion of work.

Pre and post sales.

Technical advice during the acquisition of new property, estimates and verification of compliance with planning, support direct and indirect sales, technical advice.   

Estimates estate and CTP.

Preparation of estimates for any use real estate or financial support, preparation of expert reports on behalf of private and / or condominiums.