Supervision of work plays an important role in the activity of this studio.

We take pleasure in leading the client through the whole course of work from the initial surveying of land, from which
the project is drown up, and




through the supervision of work which finally results in the new living space. It 'a path often emotional.

The house, as well as office space or retail, is an expression of "if" and deserves our full attention and respect.

With decades of construction activity, the studio follows in detail all the stages of pre-and post-construction site in Italy and abroad.


  • Detail design, elaborate construction, plant engineering and detail;

  • Drafting of schedules,

    specifications and contracts, and accounting for SAL yard;

  • Planning and coordination plans; Safety, scaffolding

design, preparation and organization of the site;

  • Administrative practices, testing and completion of work.

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